The International Society for Academic Researchers (ISfAR) is a global provider of academic research assistance and training. Our team consists of professional and knowledgeable consultants with hands-on experience in research design, research methodology; quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

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  • Promote capacity building in individual researchers in Education, through conferences, workshop training and publications.

  • Provide cost free membership to anyone interested in educational research.

  • Has an Open Access and peer reviewed Journal i.e. The African Journal of Educational Research (AJER) (ISSN 2591- 6998) in which peer reviewers help the authors to improve their papers.

  • Welcomes collaboration and academic support from individual researchers, institutions, academics and research associations.

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ISfAR positions you to succeed and thrive in your career

ISfAR positions you to succeed and thrive in your career

The Association is a resource you can draw upon to enhance your skills, expand your professional connections and experience a vibrant local and global community of colleagues.


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